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.:Peach Beryl:. by Freezen-Girl
.:Peach Beryl:.
Another gemsona I decided to do! Steven Universe has gotten so interesting lately! Especially with the appearance of Yellow Diamond a.k.a the Evil Giraffe! During this past time I was able to make to draw a little bit, and make a little bit of a bio of her. Here's some basic stuff for her
Nicknames: Peach (everyone)
Gender: She/Her
Race: Gem
Gemsona: Peach Beryl
Gem: Beryl
Affiliation(s): Gem Homeworld (formerly)
Crystal Gems (currently)
Voice Actor: Stephanie Sheh
Current History: As Jasper was first created on earth, Peach Beryl was assigned to train her as a warrior for Yellow Diamond in their hierarchy. As they trained more and more together, Peach Beryl saw her as a romantic partner, however, Jasper saw her as another comrade (since she doesn't understand the feelings of romance; only war and loyalty to Yellow Diamond). Yellow Diamond was amused by the suffering of gems and despised the idea of fusion, however, she created an arena for fusions to battle each other and destroy things in the process for her entertainment. Jasper and Peach Beryl was one of the people who were forced to fuse together as a form of entertainment (like how ghouls battled each other for the amusement of others). Jasper forced Peach to fuse with her constantly, Peach loved the idea of fusing with Jasper at first but she became more disinterested in being fused forcefully (if you're fused for too long you become one body and one mind); especially with the fact that Jasper didn't love her back. Jasper was willing to spend time with Peach if she had the opportunity to fuse with Peach again in order to make Yellow Diamond happy again. As they spent more time with each other, Jasper slowly fell in love with her. However the rebellion started to form and Peach started to see Jasper's true colors of how selfish and conceited she can become; she slowly started to distance herself from Jasper believing she was changing instead of thinking about her feelings and that she mainly saw her as a warrior than a romantic partner. Peach Beryl than ran away from Home world and traveled around the depths of the earth, although she couldn't get over how much she loved Jasper and after centuries have passed, she decided to look for her finding out that Jasper is under the sea with Lapis.
Position on Home world: Warrior
.:Little Gumwad:. by Freezen-Girl
.:Little Gumwad:.
I'm so obsessed with One Punch Man at the moment! It's such a funny and spontaneous show. I love all the characters, especially Saitama and Genos XD they both are hilarious in their own way. I managed to make my own character in the process (since I love creating characters after all). Besides that, this is my beloved character Ran, she's a fun loving, bold, trouble making, brutally honest, curious, happy person whose interest is in building technology and messing with robotics. She is also one who bores easily and participates in activities that fester her imagination and creativity (which is building). She can be a little mischievous and a oddball at times, even going as far to interfere with Geno's cyborg body to get her wild side going; much to the annoyance of Genos and Saitama. She is also energetic and adventurous fitting into her mischievous personality, always desperate to not have a bore when she's alive, she goes as far to make up and adventure that can potentially kill Genos (such as when she invented another robot). However, Ran can be someone who cares deeply for her friends and family, she can put aside her mischievous side in order to protect people she loves if she has to. More information will be provided for her later on, more data on her will come up soon (like her bio and age etc). I hope you like her!
P.S. I'll try to make more pages for 'Lost Love' later on, school has been killing me lately, but I'll do it over the Christmas break
.:Don't touch my head!:. by Freezen-Girl
.:Don't touch my head!:.
This is my part of the art trade with :iconemyrose123:. I'm sorry it took so long sweetheart, I've just been busy with school I barely have enough time to post! I hope you like it
_Morganite_ by Freezen-Girl
Gosh, it's been a while since I've uploaded something. And this has happened to be one of my favorites. This is my character Morganite (my Steven Universe character). I decided to draw her in my style (I love that her hair is absolutely puffy!). Anyway I hope you like it!
.:Lost Love pg.4:. by Freezen-Girl
.:Lost Love pg.4:.
This is the fourth page of my little comic! I'm glad I could get it done, school has been in the way of everything I swear! I hope I can be able to do more of it soon.


Madoka: Honestly Minori, I'm not always going to be there to take care of you (this is Madoka Amano; she's my best friend and she's very motherly!) -sees Minori taking off her shirt- you're hopeless aren't you?
Minori: nyu?
Madoka: Please be done when I come back?
Minori: Alright Madoka-san! See you later!
I'm sorry for being inactive lately, I've been so busy with focusing on my art career and also school, if you wish to continue talking to me as my deviant/friend then message me and I'll give you my kik so we are able to talk to each other (I'm pretty much on my phone all the time anyway). Please do this action through note, I don't want any strangers talking to me. Thank your for your participation in all of this. Thank you


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